Redefine Your Dance Music Lifestyle


Our Mission

We are honored to present you with our monthly Dance Music lifestyle inspired subscription box! Our mission to redefine the lifestyle of Dance Music through creation and positivity begins with you. Join us as we create and deliver groundbreaking merchandise and build a community of positive, forward thinkers.   

What is The Era Of EDM Crate?

Subscribers of our monthly crates will receive an array of goods that encompass the Dance Music culture every month. For only $40/ month you'll receive a custom box filled with products exclusive to the Dance Music lifestyle that retails for over $100. The products included can be used both at live shows and on your daily grind to represent the lifestyle of Dance Music itself. Goods to be included: apparel (shirts, socks, garments +), accessories (hats, sunglasses, bandanas, water bottles, bracelets +), gadgets (charging bricks, phone accessories, earbuds, LED gear +), and so more.  

How does it work?

In just two minutes, you can become a member of our monthly crates. To join, just click subscribe, fill out your custom profile that helps us curate our boxes to you and let us do the rest. It's that easy and you can cancel or skip at any time. Begin with just two minutes and a few mouse clicks. Arriving straight to your doorstep with free shipping.

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